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Welcome to Safeclean Lakethorne, covering the areas of Ealing, Hillingdon, Wandsworth & Westminster

Quality Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning from the Furniture Care Experts

Here at Safeclean Lakethorne we have a passion for caring for carpets, curtains and upholstery. Our technicians have over 30 years’ experience bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every service. As well as providing a high quality service, we make sure our Safeclean technicians are regularly trained to stay up to date with new techniques, as well as using the highest quality, up to date equipment.

Covering extensive areas of London, we provide our professional cleaning and care services to both residential and commercial properties. Our 30 years experience means you are guaranteed a great service you may not find elsewhere.

Safeclean provide a range of services to refresh and revitalise your home, including carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, stain removal, stain protection, curtain cleaning, mattress cleaning, specialist rug treatments, deodorisation and sanitisation and allergy treatments. Make sure to contact our Safeclean Lakethorne technicians to see what they specialise in, and have a chat about how they can help you.

Our Safeclean Lakethorne technicians pride themselves on their level of expertise, reliability and exceptional level of customer service. So if your carpets, rugs and furnishings are in need of some TLC get in touch today for a free, no obligation appraisal. You can be sure you will not receive a large, unexpected bill at the end of your visit, as what you are quoted at the beginning is always what you pay at the end.

Areas covered:

Covering the South West, West and Central London regions.

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  • Excellent service and we are very happy with the carpets that now look new!

    Mrs L, Chiswick

  • Professional, helpful, friendly - happy with results

    Mr H, Chiswick

  • Paul was absolutely brilliant- very helpful and efficient- my old carpets came up brilliantly- one very happy customer!

    Ms T, Acton

  • The staff were clear, friendly and polite. The technician took the exact time to complete the work as per the estimate. Overall, extremely happy with the job and service.

    Mrs H, Pinner

  • Very happy with the service. Will be back!

    Miss M, Twickenham

  • I was very pleased with the service we received. As a pensioner it is important to me to feel safe with a stranger in my home and I can say the gentleman made me feel relaxed.

    Ms C, Uxbridge

  • I wrote a personal email to Richard as I was so happy with the service. It started with Bea and her efficient and lovely manner in the phone, then Richard and then when Paul visited. Totally super, thank you. It’s doesn’t happen often enough.

    Ms S, Lambeth

  • I was very impressed by the rep who came and gave a quote. The operatives were smart and courteous. Could not be more pleased - and the price was right!

    Mrs H, Westminster

  • Good job. Professional and quick. Recommended.

    Mr L, Clerkenwell

  • The service is fantastic.
    The technician was on time, polite, and moreover did a great job getting out all the marks and stains in the carpet.

    Ms D, South Kensington

  • Only company that I trust to do a good job.

    Mr F, Clapham

  • Really pleased with the results. I had seriously considered replacing our carpet and now it looks so good, I won't need to.

    Ms R, East Sheen

  • Our Services

  • Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning

    Find your perfect carpet cleaning solution with Safeclean.

    We know exactly how your carpet needs to be treated. Whether it's a regular professional clean to increase the longevity and hygiene of your home or treating a tough stain that just won’t budge, we are here to help.

  • Upholstery Cleaning

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Treat your sofa to an expert, professional clean from Safeclean.

    We have experience and expertise in upholstery cleaning, and our technicians know exactly the right formula to get your upholstery looking as good as new.

  • Stain Removal

    Stain Removal

    Safeclean take on the stains too tough for you to tackle.

    A glass of wine, a delicious curry, dark chocolate enjoyed after dinner. Sometimes life’s greatest pleasures can lead to stains that seem impossible to remove – but Safeclean is here to help.

  • Furniture Stain Protection

    Furniture Stain Protection

    Stain protection treatments minimise the damage before it happens.

    Furniture treated with the proper stain protection looks and lasts better for longer, so you can enjoy it stress-free – while saving repair and stain removal costs over the long term.

  • Carpet Stain Protection

    Carpet Stain Protection

    Stain protection treatments minimise the damage before it happens.

    Carpets treated with the proper stain protection look and last better for longer, so you can enjoy them stress-free – while saving on stain removal costs over the long term.

  • Curtain Cleaning

    Curtain Cleaning

    Freshen up your curtains quick and easy

    Untying, taking down, washing, rehanging and cleaning curtains, can be a time-consuming business. However, there’s an easier option: call in a Safeclean technician to get the job done for you.

  • Mattress Cleaning

    Mattress Cleaning

    Get a better night’s sleep with a mattress professionally cleaned by Safeclean.

    A good mattress can be a significant investment, so this means you want it to last as long as possible, staying fresh as the day you bought it.

  • Specialist Rug Cleaning

    Specialist Rug Cleaning

    Keep your favourite rugs in pristine condition with a regular clean from a Safeclean technician.

    All rugs deserve a proper clean once in a while, as even with regular vacuuming and the occasional shampoo, they will wear down and become stained if not cleaned and protected professionally.

  • Infection Control

    Infection Control

    Safeclean are here to provide you with specialist cleaning and decontamination services to help prevent the risk of infection

  • Deodorisation & Sanitisation

    Deodorisation & Sanitisation

    Discover safe and effective deodorisation and sanitisation services from Safeclean.

    As part of its expert cleaning services Safeclean offers deodorisation and sanitisation, whether that’s end of tenancy clean-ups, a build-up over time or from pets.

  • Allergy Treatment

    Allergy Treatment

    Create a pleasant and hypoallergenic home with allergy treatments from Safeclean.

    Many of us suffer from allergies that could easily be avoided with the right cleaning treatments in place. A happy home is one free from irritants and allergens, and with decades of cleaning experience Safeclean know exactly how to help.

  • FAQs

    What can I realistically expect from cleaning?

    When we visit your home for your initial quote, we will give an expert assessment of what we can achieve. If there are some stains or marks that we do not think we can remove completely, we will let you know.

    We will also let you know if we think the material in your curtains or upholstery is too worn or fragile and runs the risk of being damaged if cleaned. We always strive to be honest about what we can or cannot achieve, which is why we like to provide a quote after seeing the task at hand.

    How likely is it you’ll be able to get my stain out?

    With years of experience and some of the best equipment in the industry, we have high rates of success at stain removal. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee we will be able to remove every stain, however we will let you know whether we believe we can get a stain out at quotation.

    Post cleaning, how long will it take for my carpets to dry?

    Although you can walk on your carpets immediately after cleaning, it is best to leave them undisturbed until they are completely dry. Sofas and chairs may be damp to sit on immediately and are best left unused until they are dry.

    All dry times are dependent on atmospheric conditions, in addition to the type of fabric or carpet. If dry times are important to you, talk to us when we quote you and we will give you a more accurate and specific dry time for your carpets and upholstery based on our years of experience.

    If we clean curtains in situ, you will be able to use them immediately, though it is best to leave them drawn closed so that air can circulate around them. In most cases they should be dry later that day.

    If we have put protective foil tabs or Styrofoam blocks under the legs of furniture to protect your carpet, you should leave them in place until it is fully dry.

    Should I move my furniture before you begin cleaning?

    We would appreciate it if you would move small, fragile or valuable things for insurance reasons, such as lamps, ornaments and fragile or valuable items of furniture. If you can, please put them well out of the way before we arrive in an area which is not going to be disturbed by cleaning.

    If we can, we will move large furniture such as chairs, sofas and tables, during cleaning and put them back where we found them.

    We want the whole process to be as stress free for you as possible.

    How much will my cleaning service cost?

    Every job is different so it is hard to give you an idea of what it will cost without knowing and preferably seeing what needs to be done. That is why we like to visit your home to assess what is needed, identify what we can achieve, calculate how long it will take and provide you with a quotation.

    What we can guarantee, without exception, is that the price we quote is the price you will pay. There will be no surprise extras unless you ask for them.

    We will always provide the quotation free and without obligation.

    Safeclean COVID-19 Procedures

    In these difficult times, we will be taking additional precautions to protect the health and well-being of our customers and specialists – their safety is of great importance for us. Please take a moment to read the following guidance note.

    How our procedures will guarantee your safety:

    We will not attend customers’ homes if a member of the household has symptoms of COVID-19 or where the customer has been advised to shield until it is safe to do so. We will not attend homes until a minimum of 21 days after the first sign of COVID-19 in any home.

    If you have any underlying health conditions where there is a need for increased vigilance and Personal Protective Equipment, then please discuss this with your technician. It may be appropriate to delay the claim for a while by mutual consent.

    What should you do on the day of the visit?

    • Please tidy the access, entrance, passage and area where work may be carried out.
    • Remove all children, pets and family from these areas.
    • Please wipe down any surface’s door handles etc with disinfectant wipes.
    • For everyone’s safety, we maintain social distancing during the visit.
    • Open windows and ventilate the home.

    Our specialists will:

    • Wash or sanitise their hands before and after every visit.
    • Put on the PPE, relevant to the risk level presented.
    • Will not shake hands and will maintain a two-metre social distance within the home.
    • Use all appropriate protective measures and pre/post work sanitation.
    • Place a completed job card with all the details for you to sign and stand back.
    • Allow you to fill in the relevant sections and sign using your own pen.
    • Leave the property and dispose of, or disinfect any PPE, tools or equipment as needed.

    If you have any specific concerns, please do not hesitate to discuss them with your specialist prior to their visit.

    Before and after

    Take a look at some of our amazing results!

  • Jeweller's sofa

    This beautiful jeweller's sofa had a stain right in the middle of it before. After, well it's a gem.

    Jeweller's sofa
    Jeweller's sofa
  • Grubby Dining Chair

    This was a very grubby dining chair - if you'll pardon the pun - but that grub soon bit the dust!

    Grubby Dining Chair
    Grubby Dining Chair
  • Dirty cinema chair

    Before - a dirty cinema chair. After - an Oscar-worthy cleaning performance!

    Dirty cinema chair
    Dirty cinema chair
  • Dirty stair carpet

    Before - a very dirty stair carpet. After - is it the same carpet?!

    Dirty stair carpet
    Dirty stair carpet
  • Dirty dining chair

    Before - a dirty dining chair. After - sitting pretty!

    Dirty dining chair
    Dirty dining chair
  • Dirty Hall Carpet

    A dirty hall carpet - what a difference a Safeclean cleaning makes!

    Dirty Hall Carpet
    Dirty Hall Carpet
  • Red Wine Stain Removal

    You're relaxing on your sofa and disaster strikes! After calling Safeclean this stain looked like it never even happened.

    Red Wine Stain Removal
    Red Wine Stain Removal
  • Red Wine Stain Removal

    You're relaxing on your sofa and disaster strikes! After calling Safeclean this stain looked like it never even happened.

    Red Wine Stain Removal
    Red Wine Stain Removal
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