Allergy Treatment

Create a pleasant and hypoallergenic home with allergy treatments from Safeclean.

Many of us suffer from allergies that could easily be avoided with the right cleaning treatments in place. A happy home is one free from irritants and allergens, and with decades of cleaning experience Safeclean know exactly how to help.

Allergy Treatment

A major contributor to allergy symptoms and perhaps the most common year-round trigger of allergies and asthma, is the presence of dust mites. Many of us don’t realise that dust mites are responsible for allergy symptoms, but if you find yourself sneezy or with a runny nose when in your house, it is likely that they're to blame.

The other common allergen at home will likely be from a pet. It’s commonly believed that animal fur is what causes animal allergies. However, this is not strictly the case. Animals are a source of many allergens, from their fur, skin and even saliva.

Allergy treatments from the expert technicians at Safeclean are based on proven formulas. Not only will they have a significant effect on the causes of allergy symptoms in your home, they will also deal with other infestations often found in household furnishings.

Protect Your Home from Harmful Allergens

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Frequently asked questions

What are dust mites?

Dust mites are microscopic creatures approximately one quarter to one third of a millimetre long. They are in fact not insects but arthropods, so in the same class of animal as spiders. They thrive in warm areas, and enjoy conditions very similar to the ones we also enjoy at home.

Why would dust mites be in my carpets and furniture?

It’s an unpleasant thought but the primary food of dust mites is the tiny flakes of dead skin that we shed all the time. The tiny flakes make their way into furniture and carpet fibres, which is the reason why dust mites are so common in our homes. The remains and waste products of dust mites are both allergenic, and an allergy treatment from Safeclean will usually be focused on cleaning dust mites from your home.

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