Mattress Cleaning

Get a better night’s sleep with a mattress professionally cleaned by Safeclean.

A good mattress can be a significant investment, so this means you want it to last as long as possible, staying fresh as the day you bought it.

Mattress Cleaning

Since you use your mattress everyday, it can be one of the least clean items in the house. Dead skin cells, dust and sweat all find their way into the fibres of the mattress and, without being cleaned, will stay there. We believe a clean mattress is an essential part of a happy and comfortable home.

Twice a year is the standard recommendation when it comes to how often you should clean your mattress, flipping it over when you do. However, with mattresses becoming more advanced (and more expensive!) it is not always easy to give a mattress an effective clean using normal household equipment.

  • Why Safeclean?

    • Safeclean uses products that endeavour to safely eliminate bacteria, odours and soiling, without leaving behind any residue. Dust mites, which are a common cause of unpleasant allergies, will also be removed without harmful chemicals or commonly used pesticides.
    • In addition to the removal of dust mites, we can also apply our long-term preventative anti-allergy treatment, creating a healthy bed for you to enjoy.
    • While a professional clean is essential to keep your mattress fresh and functional, we also recommend giving it a basic clean once or month or so, by thoroughly vacuuming both sides.
    • You should also air your mattress every few months by placing it outside in a sunny spot. This helps to prevent a build-up of moisture, which can result in mould, as well as, allowing any odours to escape into the atmosphere.
    Why Safeclean?
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    Frequently asked questions

    What if a mattress isn't cleaned properly?

    A mattress cleaned incorrectly can cause permanent damage, Safeclean produces results that can never be replicated with normal cleaning products.

    Adults lose on average one pint of moisture during sleep. Some of this evaporates into the air but a large proportion of it ends up in your bedding, including your mattress.

    This is why a properly cleaned mattress is so important. It will result in a fresher and better night’s sleep, while keeping your home free of allergens and potentially unpleasant odours.

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