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Getting ready to go back to school!

Getting ready to go back to school!

Getting ready to go back to school!

It is safe to say that this Summer has been different to any other that we have experienced before. With the troubles and tribulations of lockdown – to the organised chaos of keeping your children entertained in Summer - you may have discovered a few more stains on your furniture than normal.
We asked one of our cleaning specialists Paul Charlton from Safeclean Newcastle for his top tips in keeping your home looking good during this time.

Paul has a wealth of experience, having been in the upholstery industry since leaving school assisting an upholster in the evenings - and then going on to work with Furniture Village for many years as a manager in their warehouse.

Now that Paul been a specialist with Safeclean for a number of years, we thought we would ask him for his best advice - especially as he also knows exactly what it is like that have young children at home – he has 2 young boys to clear up after!

We asked Paul what are the signs that people should look out for when a sofa needs an overall clean rather than a spot removal?

He explained “You will notice that you will start to get a build-up of dirt – mostly on the arms of your sofa and where you rest your head – it will start to look a little grubby. It is best not to leave it too long before cleaning as it will make it more difficult to remove and return to its former condition.”

How long does the average sofa take to clean?
“Your average 3-seater sofa will take about an hour to clean. But this will vary from item to item on what fabric it is, or the level of soiling. More challenging items may take up to 3 hours or more.”

How often should we get our sofa cleaned?
“In order to maintain a healthy home, your furniture should be professionally cleaned once a year. If there are animals or children in the home, you should clean your upholstery every 6 months.”

Why should we get our furniture cleaned?
“You may feel like upholstery cleaning is an expense you can do without, but without maintaining your furniture may end up costing more in the long run. Regular maintenance will help your furniture last longer meaning you don’t have to worry about frequent replacement.”

What can we do to maintain our furniture after it has been professionally cleaned?
Vacuum your sofa once a week

Rotate Cushions

Plump your cushions – this is important so that the fibres inside do not stick together. By plumping them you will release the fibres -maintaining their fullness. The best way to do this is to pick up your cushions and drop them on the floor!

Clean spills as soon as possible, never use any cleaning solutions just a clean damp white cloth - cleaning solutions, once dry, can leave a residue.

Can you offer any advice for treating carpet stains at home?
“Do not use any off the shelf products on your carpets (or upholstery) this could damage the pile and set the stain - use only a clean, damp white cloth to blot the stains. If you cannot remove the stain call Safeclean – we will use the correct chemistry to successfully remove the stains without causing any damage.”

If you think a stain looks too large to tackle by yourself, then it probably is!
Give us a call for a free, no obligation quote on any of your carpet or upholstery cleaning requirements – we will always be happy to help.

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