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Update on our newest franchisee - Elliott Hollyman

Update on our newest franchisee - Elliott Hollyman

Elliott Hollyman of Safeclean Worthing & Newhaven, joined the Safeclean network in May 2023.

Three months down the line, we are pleased to say that Elliott is doing incredibly well. He is exceeding his business plans and is already receiving some very interesting work – including cleaning carpets & upholstery on yachts in the local marina!

We asked Elliott to provide his thoughts on the Safeclean franchise now he has had some time to settle in.


1)       What were you doing before joining Safeclean?
I was in retail for 11 years of which 8 of those were in retail management. I built up a lot of transferable skills in that time frame, and it gave me the confidence to make the jump to invest in my own franchise.


2)       What made you choose Safeclean?
I got to a point in retail management, where I wanted a change and to be able to test myself and I wanted more control and flexibility. My friends father is a Safeclean franchisee, and I initially spoke to him for advice on whether franchising would be right for me. The more I spoke to him, the more we spoke about Safeclean - and I soon realised that this was the right franchise for me.


3)       How would you rate your relationship with Safeclean? 
The Safeclean Network Support team is so easy to work with and the backup and support has been incredible. I have also built a really good relationship with Guardsman – everyone in the business is so open and friendly.


4)       What are your views on the initial training and ongoing support that Safeclean provides?
The initial training programme was a combination of time being spent in the network with an existing franchisee – one to one training with an industry expert and time at Head Office with the Safeclean Network Support team and various departments within Guardsman. When this training was completed, I was ready and prepared for the launch of my business.

The ongoing support from Safeclean is excellent and people always available to help me whether it is operational or business matters that I require advice for.


5)       How would you rate the marketing programmes?  
I was very surprised and pleased with how much I was provided. There is plenty of material readily available - and another key benefit of the Safeclean Network Support Team is that the marketing department can create materials tailored specifically for my needs.


6)       What do you like best and least about this business?
I like that I can see an immediate difference – it is very satisfying. I have the freedom and control of my own day with support readily available. 
The least is probably the amount of driving I now have to do which is more than what I have been previously used to. However, as I am getting more experienced I am improving my organisational skills which is making my days more productive.  


7)       Would you recommend Safeclean as a franchise?
Of course! It is going very well and I’m really happy with my decision.


Successful Safeclean franchisees, like our latest recruit Elliott Hollyman, strive to be the best of the best. They are great with people, have a can-do attitude, they value being part of the network and take immense pride in their work.

When you start your new Safeclean business we will ensure that you have the correct equipment, chemicals and specialist training to be able to clean in all types of homes and businesses in your local area.

You will enjoy complete control over your income, backed by a leading brand and the systems to help you succeed. With nearly 60 years in the cleaning business, operating under the Safeclean brand gives you instant credibility with your customers from day one.

Over the last 18 months Safeclean have invested heavily in revamping our systems and support, which includes significant input from our highly experienced franchisees. The result is an industry-leading package of training and support ready for you, delivered by a combination of our Network Support team, industry leading experts and experienced franchisees.


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