Happy days!

June 02, 2019
One of the great things about being a professional cleaner is the ability at times to achieve the impossible.
Every week I am asked to remove some extremely difficult stains from a variety of delicate fabrics and carpets. Most of the time the customer has given up hope of being able to rescue a 'lost cause' and as a last resort ask for help.
Whilst there are occasions when the problem is beyond salvage it is no exaggeration to state that we are able to resolve 80% of the 'problem calls' and we get plenty of practice from insured soft furnishings.
One of the most satisfying aspects of this ability is that we are frequently written to or contacted by phone with very happy customers.
Here are two lovely comments we received today from customers:

'.....I'm totally impressed with the way your serviceman works and the carpet looks fabulous.'

Followed by:

' I'm absolutely thrilled by the results'...