The Great British Cup of Tea

April 20, 2018
In celebration of National Tea Day, we’re looking at why we think the British cup of tea is the greatest of them all.
The Great British cup of tea - known globally as the English Breakfast tea - is one of the UK’s national treasures.

Whilst there are many variations of tea, from Green to Chai to Herbal & more, nothing beats the combination of a tea bag, milk and boiled water (and sugar for those with a sweet-tooth).

What makes it so great you ask? Well…

It’s the perfect drink for any time of the day; it can be the kick-start to your morning or the nightcap you need for a great night’s sleep. It can be partnered with sweet and savoury food, as demonstrated perfectly when enjoying Afternoon Tea. It can warm you up when you’re cold and cool you down when you’re hot and it can be the answer to all your worries. Not to mention that it is enjoyed by everyone from Joe next door all the way up to her Royal Majesty the Queen!

One negative you could say about tea is the stains it can leave behind. But don’t worry, Safeclean are experts at removing stains such as these. Depending on your tea tipple, our technicians will use a specific enzyme product to break down the tea and ensure that stain doesn’t remain.

Now, whilst tea can bring us together over cakes and sandwiches, it can also come between us. In fact, tea, or how to make a cup, has split the nation for decades.

One of the UK’s biggest ongoing debates is the method of making a cup of tea and whether the milk should be added before or after the water. Some say adding milk before prevents the tea from brewing effectively, whilst others say adding the milk after produces a skin on the tea (which has been backed up by science here). Here at Safeclean Head Office – it’s quite conclusive that science doesn’t know what it’s talking about and the milk should be poured in after the water.

Like politicians, we could debate this controversial topic until the end of time and never actually answer the question in hand. It is one that will forever be argued, but as a nation, we should just come together and celebrate the delightful hot beverage that is, The Great British Cup of Tea.