Happy Anti-Valentine's Day

February 14, 2019
Valentines. The day of the year when we show our love and affection for our nearest and dearest. Or has it become a bit of a farce?
These days, huge emphasis is on the gifts you get or the meal you book resulting in being very costly and no one ends up feeling very special. In our book doesn’t seem in the spirit of St Valentine at all!
In light of this, here is our list of anti-Valentine things to do tonight!
  • Have a pamper night – draw yourself a massive bubble bath, get some relaxing tunes on and chillout…

  • Binge watch a new TV show – that show your friends have been pestering you to watch, it’s time to get cracking with season one.

  • Order a takeaway – Chinese, Indian, pizza? The fast food joints will have you covered if you cannot be bothered to cook this evening.

  • Have a digital detox for the night – the average adult spends 10 hours per day on some form of screen, so tonight turn off your phone, leave the TV alone and indulge in an evening that doesn’t involve any electricals.

  • Cook your favourite dish – food is the way to our hearts at Head Office, so why not cook the meal that makes your taste buds tingle! Share with family, your significant other, or have all to yourself!

  • Spend the evening with friends or your significant other – you don’t have to spend this day alone, just maybe take the evening to spend quality time together instead!

We want to know your thoughts – is it a farce or do you ‘love’ it?