Dry January Hints & Tips

January 17, 2019
Dry January… that time of year when we decide to give up the gin, bin the beer and stop the spirits. If you decided to give it a go, well done, you are now over half way through!
For those of you that are starting to struggle, we’ve come up with 5 handy hints to help you get through the last couple of weeks.

Tip One
It Doesn’t Have to be Boring – when you’re out on the town, do you have a go-to fancy cocktail? Make sure to choose a funky alcohol free alternative, there are so many amazing mocktails and cordials out there just waiting to tickle your taste buds. If you love the taste of beer, why not try a non-alcoholic one? Most top lager companies make their own free beers, there are loads to try.

Tip Two
Buddy Up – it’s always much easier to do something when you have a friend, colleague or family member there to support and boost you up when you are finding it hard. Find someone that is doing dry January too and share your experiences! A problem shared is a problem halved.

Tip Three
What is Your End Goal? - why did you choose to take part this year? Was it for charity? For improved health? A test of your will power or just for fun?! Remember to keep that goal in the back of your mind; when you succeed you will reap the benefits and feel so good about yourself.

Tip Four
Set Reminders – it’s easy to forget something that’s out of the usual for you. If you think you might forget not to have your nightly glass of wine, write yourself a reminder somewhere you will see it often. Phone notifications, a post-it note, a message on the fridge!

Tip Five
Save – you can't lie, the cost of a drink out is pretty expensive! Work out how much you are saving this month from not drinking and put a little aside for February. This can be your reward; maybe a nice meal out, a trip to the cinema or your first glass of your favourite tipple! You’d be surprised how quickly the pennies add up.

Now it’s over to you! Make sure to let us know if any of these work for you, or let us know your top tips! We’d love to hear from you.