Tea. Best drink of the day?

March 07, 2018
Tea. I love it. You probably do as well, and there are times when nothing else will do.......
Right at the end of the day and you have just made yourself a cuppa. You walk back to your armchair ready to sit down and enjoy some relaxation for a few minutes before you turn the telly off and head upstairs for bed. But then, all of a sudden, the dog or cat gets between your legs or jumps up onto your lap and that cuppa is no longer in the cup. Instead, it finds itself slap bang in the middle of the chair, rapidly soaking in with splashes all over the arms.

This is where we come in. It's the tannic acids in the tea that cause the damage, and no amount of scrubbing or resorting to treatments that may cause more harm than good will improve things. Safeclean use entirely safe and non-toxic browning reducers to counteract the staining and, equally important, can fully extract any residual fluid from the cushion itself to prevent the stain reappearing. We can then use our protective treatment as a first line of defence in case the same accident was to happen again.

Should you wish to have your upholstery or carpets protected before any future mishaps, then do call us for a quote!