Pollen Perils..

April 20, 2018
Lily pollen is one of the most common, yet difficult to remove stains facing many householders
I'm not really fussed at all, but many people like Lilies. I suppose they are attractive enough, but I'm generally driven by buying carnations, chocolate and wine when I want to get back in the wife's good books or want a new motorbike! It's also the stories that you hear of the pollen stamens being poisonous to small animals and not to mention the stains they can easily caused when fused into fabric by normal cleaning methods that have always put me off.

Prevention is always better than cure and many people cut the stamens off before putting them on display. But in this instance, some had been recently bought and put on the sofa with the obvious results which you can see in the picture - thankfully the customer had called us before making any attempt to remove them.

The first port of call is to remove any residual powder from them. Then it must be dry spotted using a solvent fabric cleaner before extracting the stain using a specialised machine to finally remove all traces and clean the whole piece.


She also had some of it on a pair of expensive-looking jeans which she asked me to try and get out, and I am happy to say it also worked on those. But as I said to her, nothing beats removing those pollen stalks in the first place!