Odour Eliminator

July 11, 2018
Many of the problems we deal with at Safeclean Stafford & Newcastle under Lyme cannot be seen...
Look hard at the picture - visually, there's not a lot wrong here. Nice clean room in a little buy to let terraced house, freshly decorated, and recent carpet. All should be good.

And it should, but one thing you cannot see is smell - and that was the real problem here.

The previous tenants had dogs, and try as they might the owners could not shift it after they left. Various methods were tried and after much chat about what had been applied and tried, it fast became clear that they were all just 'masking' attempts - i.e. just trying to make it smell nice without treating the root cause of the problem. And oh boy was it a problem, as the smell permeated throughout the house.

Time and patience are the key to a job like this, as it's not always done overnight.

First up, using our Rotovac system, all the carpets in the whole house was given a deep extraction clean with a strong detergent and odour counteraction, as just about all nasty household smells can be traced to bacteria working on the soiling. A lot of general dirt was removed into the waste tanks but looking at it, I saw we would still possibly have a bit of a problem when it was all done. The recent hot spell helped it to dry out quite quickly, so l left and returned to the house for a look/sniff the next day.

Come the morning, it was much, much better and did not hit you as soon as you opened the door. But after an inspection, it was still slightly apparent in some rooms. We then performed another clean with a professional NHS approved biocide added to the mix. The walls were also sprayed for them. Bingo. The next visit was totally smell neutral.

They were very pleased after trying to let it out in that condition for a few weeks. But I don't think they'll be taking pets in future...