Not just any van seats...

March 20, 2018
A tale of a plumber's VW Transporter seats that had 12 years and 140k miles worth of not just the usual dirt you'd expect, but oily deposits of flux, grease and tea! Find out how it went from nightmare to good as new...
I like Kev. You would too. In fact everyone round here likes Kev.

He's our local gas man who recently kept us warm this winter by fitting us a nice shiny new boiler so that we would not freeze, and often pops round for a cup of tea and a chat about motorbikes, how to change radiators and things like power flushing the central heating system (which I now declare myself an absolute expert!).

Kev recently decided he wanted a new van, and try as he might, he could not get the seats clean in his old one. After I offered to help him, he brought it round, left me the keys and asked us to have a go. It was a far bigger challenge than I first envisaged. Ground deep into the seats was 12 years and 140k miles worth of not just the usual dirt you'd expect, but oily deposits of flux, grease, silicone lubricant (for those push fit waste pipes) and what looked for all the world like 3 gallons of accumulated tea spill. And it smelled just like you'd expect a plumbers van to smell…

Powerful upholstery pre-spray was the order of the day here, left to dwell for 30 mins while I walked off and wondered just what I'd taken on here. But the pre-spray soon got to work, and the machine was set up while I subjected all the seats to a deep shampoo with rotary brushes to get right into the muck. It was then a deep and powerful extraction to start to lift the years of accumulated dirt from the seats. There was a definite improvement - but we were far from a proper job done at that point.
Pre-spray was applied again, along with a rotary scrub and another deep shampoo, and that’s when we really started to see results. 2 hrs later - bingo. As a finishing touch, each seat was deodorised and protected for the vans new owner.

Kev is always a happy man, but he was even happier when he saw the results. He sold the van, and has got another. I have told him to get the seats protected by us to save him having to do this again in a few years!
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