June 19, 2018
We never spilt anything on our old carpet. Yet when the new expensive wool carpet is laid, disaster strikes... a whole cup of coffee! Hear how Safeclean came to the rescue!
An urgent call came in today. Just bought a new carpet and almost immediately managed to spill a cup of coffee on it. How does this happen when we have had a previous carpet for over 20 years and nothing fell on it!
There is no answer to that........... just jump in the van and head over to the scene of the disaster.
All kinds of proprietary cleaners had already been used and things were looking worse.
Out came the extraction machine and a few trusty professional chemicals and the customer watches in wonderment as her new carpet is slowly restored. Once again, those horrible insurance claims are avoided, the excess does not need to be paid and the premiums will be unaffected.
It is a satisfying job at times.