April 18, 2018
It is natural to be tempted to quickly grab a 'wet wipe' in order to remove a spillage from our lovely sofas. Sometimes this will work effectively but increasingly we are seeing large circular stains appearing on the fabric after having removed small stains. These often look ten times worse than the original marks. What can be done?
The large rings are usually caused by a concentration of detergent or cleaning agent being deposited on the outer edge of the wet patch.
In order to remedy the situation we usually need to treat the stain with a concentrated 'de-foamer' to neutralise the detergent and then re-clean the cushion completely with an extraction machine. The result is usually dramatic as shown in the photographs.

Do you have similar problems on your sofas?

TIP: avoid using any form of detergent and try plain water first and clean the whole panel. If this fails it is better to call in a professional rather than create more difficult chemical stains by using inappropriate cleaning solutions.