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Safeclean Pub Clean!

Safeclean Pub Clean!

Steve Alderman (Safeclean Bristol) who is a very accomplished pool player was representing his team in an away match at the Dolphin pub in Bristol. During the match Steve overheard the landlady mention how dirty her carpets were. Never to miss an opportunity, Steve struck up a conversation with the landlady which resulted in her asking him to book a clean for her carpets in the public area. Steve gave her a quote which was accepted and the job was booked in.


Steve then revisited the pub and cleaned the carpets. The landlady was so impressed with the job that Steve carried out that she has now booked him to clean the carpets every 3 months.


In conclusion you could say Steve wiped the floor twice at the Dolphin pub - the first by getting a regular 3 monthly cleaning job - and the second being his team comfortably won the pool match!

This is very impressive – well done Steve!

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