Wimbledon Fever

July 04, 2019
Here at Head Office, we love everything to do with Wimbledon. Nothing looks more British than dressed up gals and guys watching this summery sport with strawberries and champagne not too far away.
But not everyone is lucky enough to get their hands on these sought after tickets, or be dedicated enough to queue for hours on end to get into the main courts!
But fear not! There are many ways to enjoy this fantastic sport between 1st to 14th July…

Find a screen in your local area

Most towns and cities want to be involved in the action and therefore have set up beautifully decorated, tennis themed big screens, with food stalls and deck chairs to match. Pop down for the afternoon with a picnic blanket and soak up the sun (while it lasts!). You’ll feel like you’re that bit closer to Centre Court. Make sure to search in your area online and in see what your town is up to!

Buy a mini projector and create your own outdoor screening area

If you’re not one for crowds and fighting over a deck chair, why not install your own home cinema? Projectors now range from £30 upwards, so why not invest in a screen and projector this summer – this can also be used afterwards for movie nights and other big sporting events!

Live stream from your phone or computer

If you don’t have time to spend all day watching the action, make sure to download the BBC Sports App to keep up-to-date with all of the action. Not only can you live stream and play catch up on the top games, but you can also select your own personalised sports news notifications so you don’t miss a thing!

Let us know if any of you get up to these ways to watch!