Spring has sprung

March 20, 2018
It’s our favourite time of year at the Safeclean Head Office as spring has sprung!
Not only does this mean warmer weather (hopefully), fresh flowers and plants appearing and brighter mornings, but it’s also the time to get your house in tip top shape for the year ahead. Here is our guide to getting your house in full spring cleaning mode.

Curtains are often the main cause of reactions for allergy and asthma suffers, as dust and dirt gets trapped in the fibres of the curtains, but they are one of the hardest things to clean in the home! The stress of taking them down, washing, air-drying and rehanging is a pain, so why not get a Safeclean technician to come and do it for you? We recommend getting these cleaned once a year, so now is the perfect time to get this done for your spring clean.

Specialist Rug Cleaning
Moving onto the rugs in your home – are they looking a bit tired and worn? We use specialist cleaning agents in order to remove dirt and contaminants from their fibres, and make sure to pay extra attention to those pesky stains that are hard to remove from tricky fabrics.

We often don’t clean our carpets as regularly as we should, and over time dirt, bacteria and odorous substances such as tobacco smoke can build up. Vacuuming alone will only do so much, and leaving spillages and stains if not dealt with properly can develop into mould, mildew or a build-up of bacteria.

Allergy Treatments
When the sun comes, allergies often come with it. But did you know the biggest contributor to allergy symptoms and perhaps the most common year-round trigger of allergies and asthma is the presence of dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic creatures approximately one quarter to one third of a millimetre long. They are in fact not insects but arthropods, so in the same class of animal as spiders. They thrive in warm areas, and enjoy conditions very similar to the ones we also enjoy at home. Safeclean can treat your home to deal with these little critters, as well as protect your home from any other potential infestations!

This is just a tiny part of some of the things you can do in your home to make it the best it’s been for the year ahead, why not take a look at the full range of services that we offer?

Contact your local Safeclean technician today to book in your spring clean.