Keeping your home happy & healthy

April 07, 2020
During lockdown, we want you to stay busy and stay positive. It is also a great opportunity to keep your home happy and healthy.
Here at Safeclean we have put together the following tips to help keep your home fresh during this difficult time:

  • Daily vacuuming of your carpets
  • Emptying the bag/cylinder of your vacuum afterwards, giving it a little wipe out with some antibacterial afterwards
  • Dusting regularly to help reduce allergens in the home
  • Regular vacuuming of sofas, opening patio doors and windows to air sofas, put removable cushions outside for a good airing
  • Vacuum and air pet beds outside
  • Vacuum and air any rugs you are able to move outside
  • Vacuum mattresses and turn regularly. Leave bedding off and open windows to air
  • Sweep hard floors and either use a steam mop, or regular bucket and mop with a drop of disinfectant
  • Wash and air bathmats weekly
  • If any spillages happen on your sofa or carpet, use a clean, damp white cloth in a dabbing motion to try and lift the stain. Never scrub!
  • Regular wiping down of external and internal door handles and surfaces with antibacterial
  • After taking the bin bag out, give your bin a wipe down with a paper towel and antibacterial spray

    Stay safe.