It's not just in the home....

February 23, 2018
Carpets, upholstery, and soft fabrics are just a part of our work. But it is not just in the home that we get to deal with some of these areas...
Recently, we had a call from someone who had just bought a nice Chrysler Grand Voyager to transport their growing family. They honestly are massive - I reckon it was not far off the floorspace inside the van we use. The only trouble was, it came with a bit of a problem which didn't manifest itself until a week or so after purchase, and although it wasn't a niggly electrical problem or a sinister knocking noise from under the bonnet, it was nonetheless pretty unwelcome if you were to spend some time in there.

Someone, in its past life, obviously used it for their dogs, and no amount of air fresheners or leaving the windows open was shifting it after a month or so. When we turned up it was pretty pungent ... as well as the normal doggy smells, there was clear evidence that several 'accidents' had occurred in the rear passenger and load area, and knowing that the only way to correctly treat an odour is right at the very source, a full strip out was on the cards.

Fortunately, the seats in these can be removed easily, leaving a large area to work with. A scan with the UV lamp quickly picked up on several problem areas so we set to work on these with a specialist odour elimination product, followed by a deep hot extraction clean of all the carpets inside. The seats were individually treated in the same manner as a couple of similar issues existed on these, and to make sure all was well, some interior trim was removed to complete the carpet job properly. Finally, the whole car was 'fogged' with an antimicrobial treatment and finishing deodorant to eliminate anything else that may lurk unseen. All was reassembled and left overnight to fully dry off.

Two months on and I rang the customer for an update - it appears the exercise was a total success. I just wish my van had electrically opening side doors and tailgate like the Voyager...
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