Make your carpets and furniture look as good as new

Cleaning is the real heart of our business. Believe it or not we go bonkers for dirty carpets, furnishings and flooring. We love the challenge of restoring your furniture and seeing the satisfaction on your face when a job’s finished – that happy, surprised look is when we really know our job here is done.

When your cleaner visits, they’ll identify your carpet pile and the fibres within your fabric upholstery. This determines what cleaning techniques they use and what professional carpet and fabric cleaning products they use to achieve the best result. Our powerful equipment cleans deep into the fibres and then extracts any residual dirt, chemicals and water, giving you a clean, hygienic and ‘wow’ result.

Our customers often remark that our cleaning efforts were so effective that they no longer need to purchase new carpets or furnishings as our deep clean has made them look like new. It’s this element that sets Safeclean apart from the competition and where our value for money really comes into play.

We just have a couple of request before we start our cleaning wizardry on your; carpets, upholstery, curtains, rugs, mattresses – you name it:

  • Before we get to work, please move your Great Aunts Cousin’s Uncle’s Grandma’s precious vase – it’s highly unlikely as we’re very careful, but we don’t want to be responsible for knocking over your precious family heirloom.
  • Don’t shy away from telling us that you’ve tried to clean it yourself with off-the-shelf products or DIY cleaners – even when they’ve made it worse.  Our cleaning experts will get the best result if they know what chemicals are already present.
  • Where possible please endeavour to keep little people and your menagerie of pets out of the room. Although we work in a very safe and responsible manner, we want to be able to focus all of our attention on your job, not on avoiding stepping on that wagging tail.

For more information on the specific items we clean, click: Carpets * Fabric upholstery * Mattresses * Curtains * Rugs * Hard flooring