Mattress Cleaning

Have you washed your mattress lately?

Mattresses are used on a daily basis,  yet we rarely think about cleaning them.mattress cleaning

Safeclean offers professional mattress cleaning to freshen up your mattress.

The products we use for cleaning can safely eliminate bacteria, odours and soiling.

Dust mites are also removed without the need for harmful chemicals and commonly used pesticides.

The Safeclean difference: 

  • We will deep clean your mattress to ensure the safe removal of dust mites - one of the major causes of asthma and allergies in the home.
  • In addition to the removal of dust mites, we can also apply our long-term allergy treatment which is a preventative anti-allergy treatment creating a healthy bed for you to enjoy.
  • We can recommend a specific cleaning regime to meet the individual needs of allergy sufferers.            

On average, adults lose around 1 pint of moisture every night we sleep, which soaks into your mattress increasing the wear over time. Professional mattress cleaning will result in a cleaner, fresher nights sleep and can increase the life of your mattress.