Freshen up your curtains with a quick and easy Safeclean curtain treatment

Why waste your time untying and rehanging your curtains when Safeclean can do it all for you?

Many people don’t think of curtains as ‘high-traffic’ areas, which can mean they get neglected. Similarly to carpets, neglected curtains carry dust, allergens, dirt and even mites and over time, these can build up creating an unhealthy environment – even in the cleanest of homes.

So what are your options?

·         Replace your curtains – While this may be a great excuse to redecorate, good quality curtains can be very costly and it’d be a real shame to bin your favourite drapes!


·         Take them to the dry cleaners – You may think taking your curtains to the dry cleaners is the cheaper option, but we’ll show you why Safeclean are good value AND the best choice for professional curtain cleaning:

  • We clean each curtain by hand, while they hang – that means no fiddly, time consuming effort of having to unhang and rehang them to take them to be cleaned
  • We guarantee no fabric shrinkage - (dry cleaners typically guarantee no more than 5% shrinkage because of the steam used during ironing).
  • We quote per meters squared not by weight, which can significantly reduce the cost of cleaning heavy velvet and inter-lined curtains.
  • Our curtain cleaning prices also include the lining, pelmets, swags, tails and tiebacks.
  • Our products are designed for use in the home and will not warp the pleating in the header which means that your curtains will keep their appearance.


Most importantly, we want to provide you with a hassle free service with outstanding results.

We can’t wait to hear from you, but in the meantime, there are a few things you can do to keep your curtains healthy and looking their best.

You should try to incorporate you curtains as part of your general house cleaning routine:

1.       Start by dusting them – work  on your curtains from top to bottom and concentrate on hems and folds as this is where dust and dirt can gather.

2.       Vacuum your curtains – both sides (sorry to give you more work but sadly both sides can collect dirt!)

3.       If you have any more obvious marks, run a slightly damp cloth over your curtains to remove any excess that are remaining (first try the cloth in a more hidden area to make sure your fabric is okay with water!)