Carpets and rugs cleaner than you'd have ever imagined

We’d love the privilege of cleaning your carpet, so what can we do? The national carpet cleaning association recommend that you have them cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner every 12-18 months as a minimum, more so if you have pets and small children. Professional carpet cleaning not only increases its lifespan, but also creates a more hygienic environment for you and your loved ones, removing dirt, allergens, bacteria and even mites from deep within the carpet pile.

Safeclean use industry leading products and professional carpet cleaning equipment and mobile devices to achieve optimum results that will leave your carpets looking revived and smelling fresh.

Here are a few tips to help you care for and maintain your lovely carpet in the meantime:

·         Tip #1 Slo-mo technique:

Vacuum…2-3 times a week. I know. It might seem obvious and it might be exactly the news you didn’t want to hear, but the truth is that regular vacuuming, particularly across heavy-traffic areas, will not only help to remove and dislodge any soiling, but can also help to eliminate nasty allergens and dust particles that can contribute towards asthma and other allergies. When vacuuming, it’s important not to go formula 1 on your flooring, instead you need to opt for slow, repeated and overlapping motions – think more tortoise than Lewis Hamilton.

·         Tip #2 Maintain and Sustain:

Your vacuum cleaner is only going to be an effective tool for cleaning your carpet if you give it the care and attention it deserves. So, when the filter starts to turn grey, change it. If the hose is clogged – it’s not going to suck anything up, so make sure you remove any larger dirt particles or solids before cleaning if you can. Empty the bag/case regularly and clean the nozzles after each vacuuming session – what’s the use in cleaning with a dirty tool?

·         Tip #3 Ice-ice baby:

We all like to shake things up now and again, and that applies to the layout of our rooms too. Don’t be put off by the deep indentions that your sofa and table leave in your carpet - simply allow an ice cube to melt into the dents and after the water has melted away, lightly blot the damp area. Next (and no we haven’t gone crazy) lay the damp towel on the dented area and lightly run a hot iron, back and forth across the towel – the gentle heat softens the carpet pile, making it easier for you to ruffle the carpet when it feels fairly dry, to bring back the fluffiness.  

·         Tip #4 Testing…1,2,3:

Before you go ahead and use any carpet cleaning products make sure you test them in a hidden or discreet area first. Carpets are made from different fibres, from wools to synthetics and each material can react differently to products.

Firslty, apply it to the middle of your carpet, pick a corner or a hidden area to apply the product to. Leave it for a good 10 minutes and then check for any discolouration or texture difference. If there’s no change, then you can go ahead and use it as directed.

·         Tip #5 Quick reactions:

You can find out more about how we deal with staining here, but for now our best advice is be quick to react. Be prepared and keep a clean, white cloth available to mop up any spills that occur - using a coloured cloth may increase the risk of colour transfer. The quicker you react to a stain by mopping up the excess, the better chance our technicians have to completely remove it for you. When mopping, be sure to blot and not rub the stain – rubbing will just engrain the spill deeper into the fibres of your carpet, making them difficult to draw out.

Professional Carpet Cleaners VS Carpet Cleaner Hire:

Some people turn to rental machines to clean their carpets themselves rather than contacting professional carpet cleaners like us. While it may initially be the cheaper option, you have to ask yourself if it really is value for money. Unlike those cleaners, our technicians are able to perform a deep, hygienic clean and extract the water and chemicals from your carpet. This means they don’t leave them damp for hours on end, which can result in an unwanted odour. Instead our machines extract the water and any residual chemicals, reducing the drying time and leave you with a safe, clean, pleasant smelling carpet!

We can even apply stain protector treatments to your carpet after a clean to help maintain its life even further. The protector works by coating each individual fibre which prevents spills from penetrating into the pile and staining.

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