Franchisee Testimonials

What does it feel like to be a part of the UK's leading Cleaning Franchise?

We take pride in the success rate of our franchisees and how many each year renew their agreements.

Here’s a snapshot of the opinions of some of our new and old franchisees:

Franchisee Testimonials
Geraint Williams - Management franchise
As is evident from the length of ownership of this franchise, it has provided long term security for me and my family. I am one of the longest franchise owners in the UK and the relationship that I have with Safeclean management has allowed me to continually grow my business for over 30 years.
Once I started, I took to the business like a duck to water. We were initially cleaning on our hands and knees at the start; I loved it at the time, but now the home cleaning system has been fully mechanised with the most efficient chemicals it makes for a much easier job! Looking back now, it's great to think that I manage a business of three cleaning technicians; I am proud to have grown it to the business it is today.
Over the years, many people have asked me whether I should set up on my own, however I believe it's only been with the support from the franchise network and franchise team that I have managed to grow my business to its current size. I have been happy to stay with the brand name because I consider that the advantages of working under the franchise umbrella outweigh the advantages of working alone. Sharing business ideas and strategies with franchisees running the same business as you but in a different area can only help to make your business stronger. 
Whilst most people throughout their working lives face constant upheaval and uncertainty about their finances, the Safeclean franchise has enabled my family and I to enjoy long periods of stability and to develop the sense that ‘our future lies in our own hands’.


Geraint Williams, South Essex, 30 Years

John Joannides - Individual franchisee

Joining the franchise in 2001, I knew that coming from the building trade I wouldn't be suited to an office job. It was important for me to be hands-on, but with improved working conditions and a lack of reliance on the great British weather! Franchising appealed in the ability to be your own boss and reap the benefits of the hard work I'd put in.

Safeclean always stood out from the crowd with their professionalism, support and product quality. It was clear to me that if they stood out to me for their professional nature, that they should stand out to my potential customers too.

Having run the business over 10 years I still get a great sense of achievement every time the phone rings because I know that I'm marketing my business well and reaching the right people. The physical cleaning itself is the easy part, but making your cleaning services known to potential customers isn't as easy. Luckily with the targeted marketing support from head office, I have been able to meet new customers and been welcomed warmly into their homes.

I know my success has come from hard work and committing to put the hours in; I would definitely recommend franchising as your business is what you make it and hard work pays off.

With the support of the Safeclean team and the recent rebrand I have no doubt I will be able to continue to grow my business and always provide high quality cleaning services.

John Joannides, Kingston, 13 Years

 Steve Alderman & Matthew Clarke - new franchisees

In 2013 we have been joined by two new franchisees, Steve Alderman in Bristol & Matthew Clarke in Lincoln. 

Steve completed the training at the end of 2012 after meeting with us at the NEC Franchise Exhibition: "I went to the exhibition looking for a business that was affordable with realistic earning potential, operating in a recession proof market. The Guardsman association made Safeclean a great, reliable opportunity. I felt I received honest answers from Steve and the franchisee which made my father and I feel that this franchise offered great potential for me. I could see myself doing it, so now I'm just looking forward to getting started! 


Matt Clarke found us through the website at the beginning of the year and by mid April he had completed his training. "Safeclean just seemed to fit into everything I was looking for; reasonable investment that I could afford and a business that involved being out on the road. It was an opportunity to earn a great income whilst operating a business that I could see myself working in. Having always dreamed of running my own business, I felt that Safeclean offered the right support to enable me to confidently launch in the market." . 


We wish both of our newest franchisees all the luck in the world with their individual businesses!

Steve Alderman & Matthew Clarke, First Year

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