Frequently Asked Questions

What can I realistically expect from cleaning?

When we visit your home for your initial quote, we will give an expert assessment of what we can achieve.  If there are some stains or marks that we do not think we can remove completely, we will let you know. 
We will also let you know if we think the material in your curtains or upholstery is too worn or fragile and runs the risk of being damaged if cleaned.  We always strive to be honest about what we can or cannot achieve, which is why we like to provide a quote after seeing the task at hand.

How likely is it you will be able to get my stain out?

With years of experience and some of the best equipment in the industry, we have high rates of success at stain removal. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee we will be able to remove every stain, however we will let you know whether we believe we can get a stain out at quotation.

Post cleaning, how long will it take for my furniture or carpets to dry?

Although you can walk on your carpets immediately after cleaning, it is best to leave them undisturbed until they are completely dry. Sofas and chairs may be damp to sit on immediately and are best left unused until they are dry.
All dry times are dependent on atmospheric conditions, in addition to the type of fabric or carpet. If dry times are important to you, talk to us when we quote you and we will give you a more accurate and specific dry time for your carpets and upholstery based on our years of experience.
If we clean curtains in situ, you will be able to use them immediately, though it is best to leave them drawn closed so that air can circulate around them.  In most cases they should be dry later that day.
If we have put protective foil tabs or Styrofoam blocks under the legs of furniture to protect your carpet, you should leave them in place until it is fully dry.  

Should I move my furniture before you begin cleaning?

We would appreciate it if you would move small, fragile or valuable things for insurance reasons, such as lamps, ornaments and fragile or valuable items of furniture.  If you can, please put them well out of the way before we arrive in an area which is not going to be disturbed by cleaning.

If we can, we will move large furniture such as chairs, sofas and tables, during cleaning and put them back where we found them.

We want the whole process to be as stress free for you as possible.

How much will my cleaning service cost?

Every job is different so it is hard to give you an idea of what it will cost without knowing and preferably seeing what needs to be done. That is why we like to visit your home to assess what is needed, identify what we can achieve, calculate how long it will take and provide you with a quotation. 
What we can guarantee, without exception, is that the price we quote is the price you will pay.  There will be no surprise extras unless you ask for them.
We will always provide the quotation free and without obligation.

How should I pay for the service?

Most franchisees accept payment by cash, cheque, credit and debit card. Ask your local franchisee for their preferred payment method. In all cases, payment should be made on completion of the job. 


Who is my local technician?

Our technicians are allocated to certain postcode areas, therefore searching for your local representative is easiest using our find a technician form - click here.

If you are having trouble or can't find a technician in your area, don't hesitate to give us a call on 0800 585 693.